Air-Con Refreshing & Disinfectant Coating Service

BioCycle® Safe & Ecological Air Conditioner Refreshing Service, specializes in refreshing and sanitizing any type of air conditioner for domestic and commercial. Our services to our clients extend to office, residential, schools, shops and restaurants etc.

In addition, our service has been designed and developed by HydroKleen Australia and is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia (NACA). After refreshing your air is fresh, reducing the chance of sickness and improving your quality of life.

Do you keep your air conditioner serviced and well maintained?

You could be breathing in mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria.

Air conditioning units need to be regularly serviced as they can harbor a variety of organisms which can make you, your family, or your work colleagues sick... ...

Apply a disinfectant coating after air-con refreshing.
Proven effective against Coronavirus* & last up to 30 Days.

BioCycle® Safe & Ecological Air Conditioner Refreshing Service will apply our disinfectant coating at the surface of air-con vent and filter after refreshing.  It’s now FREE# after completing our Refreshing Service... ...