Air Conditioner Disinfectant Coating Service

Disinfectant Coating - Proven against Coronavirus* & last up to 30 Days

BioCycle® Safe & Ecological Air Conditioner Refreshing Service, specializes in refreshing and sanitizing any type of air conditioner. We will apply our disinfectant coating at the surface of air-con vent and filter after refreshing, to provide protection for you, your family and work colleagues.

it’s now FREE# after completing our Refreshing Service.

"Air Conditioner Disinfectant Coating Service is $250/Unit. Minimum charge is $1,500."

* Feline coronavirus – COVID-19 surrogate

# Terms & condition applied by BioCycle Professional Cleaning Services Limited

Unique Advantages of Disinfectant Coating

* Feline coronavirus – COVID-19 surrogate

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